About Benjamin Emanuel II


I help men lose weight and gain confidence in their body.
If you are striving to lose belly fat , build lean muscle, and live healthy then I can definitely help you.

I specialize in physical fitness and my accomplishments include:


  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition

Work History

  • Fitness Professional for 12 years
  • Spent 2 years abroad training high profile clientele
  • Program Director
  • Fitness Ambassador for multiple Fortune 100 Companies

Awards, Titles, and Designations

  • Co-Founder of Just Train
  • Founder and CEO of Train Relentless
  • Retired NFL Player
  • Creator of "Athletic Body Playbook"
  • 1st Team High School All-American
  • Division 1 Scholarship to UCLA
  • NFL Draft Pick
  • Husband and Father of 5 children

Additional Info

  • Master Trainer
  • Designed Palace Gym for Royal Family
  • Trained in 5 countries
  • Created Training Programs for 3 School Districts
  • Celebrity Fitness Consultant

When you want to lose weight and gain confidence in your body, I'm the one the experts turn to for physical fitness.

I can help you lose belly fat, build lean muscle, and live healthy!