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The Top 10 Training Shoes 0f 2018

If you are planning to buy new training shoes for yourself or upgrade your existing pair, this short guide is for you. Whether you are a professional runner or a complete beginner, it is absolutely of prime importance that you use proper footwear. The right pair of shoe is one of the key success factors behind most of the running veterans and weight lifters. The high-quality workout /running shoes not only aid in running but also reduce the risk of injuries, making running experience more enjoyable and less tiring. Using the right workout/running shoes, doesn’t exhaust you easily and prevents you from giving up after few uncomfortable jogs. It is worth investing more time to choose the best workout/running shoes for yourself. Each runner has difference needs and preferences in terms of distance intended to cover and the speed adopted. Other factors that influence this buying decision include runner’s running style and the need of support for a specific gait.

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1. Nike Metcon 4 

The Metcon 4 is the Nike’s latest iteration of cross-training shoes and is best for cross training, lifting, and HIIT. Its foundation is solid and stable enough to support deadlifts and squats. Its bigger “star” pattern around the sides and toe brings more durability for burpees, rope climbs and box jumps.

Shoe Fit: Size 6 to 18 available

Shoe Price: $97.50

Customer Review: Most of the customers found Metcon 4 great for running because of flex cuts in the sole’s toe region and the fact that it’s super comfortable for running, training and heavy lifts, with a lot of bounce. The drawbacks reported is that size is bit bigger than stated, and absence of enough support for real weight lifting.

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2. Adidas Leistung 16 2.0

Leistung 16 by Adidas gives solid, locked-down appeal, and is best for lifting. Its dial makes micro-adjustments easier during heavy squats. Its wide platform, forefoot flexibility and lifted heel optimize your training experience.

Shoe Fit: 2,12.5, & 14 available

Shoe Price: $225 Size 5,7,10,1

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Leistung 16 2.0 super comfortable and ideal for weightlifting. Reviews show that these are especially suitable for taller people due to 1-inch heel. The drawbacks reported include need for small sizes in more colors.

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3. Asics Conviction X 2

The Conviction X2 by Asics are best for HIIT and boot camp classes. If you do strength training, these shoes are fast-paced as well as agility-sensitive. These are light weighted, firm, and have flat heel with low-to-the-ground feel. The low-profile pocket given in the shoe’s tongue shields the laces well.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 to 13 available

Shoe Price: $120

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Conviction X2 great for faster lateral movements and comfortable foot bed feel. Many customers consider it more suitable for boxing and heavy weight lifting. No major drawback has been reported so far.

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4. Inov 8’s All Train 215 Knit

If you are looking for all-around knitted training shoe, Inov 8’s All Train 215 Knit are best for your circuits, HIIT, boot camp classes and strength training. These are light-weighted shoes, give sock-like feel and offer extra support for heavy lifting. With its rubber toe bumpers, you get support for hard squats and fast lateral movements.

Shoe Fit: Size 8 to 16.5 available

Shoe Price: $120

Customer Review: Most of the customers consider Inov 8’s All Train 215 Knit shoes damn good for training and better lifting; however, if you seek cross-fitness, you may not find these as firm and rigid as required.

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5. New Balance’s Minimus 40 Trainer

These shoes, that can be worn with or without socks, are best for cross training and lifting due to flat toe, run-friendly mid-sole, external help clip and interior design. The shoes offer more stability for deadlift and more responsiveness to bouts of cardio. They give more grip on most of the floorings.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 to 15 available

Shoe Price: $120

Customer Review: Most of the customers are happy with New Balance’s Minimus 40 Trainer shoe set due to low profile appeal and enough support from upper. The drawbacks reported include need for some better colors and focus on strengthening rubber sole’s quality.

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Top 5 Running Shoes


1. Reebok Floatride Run Fast

These shoes are made for speed, and thus ideal for running. Being light weighted, they cushion feet, and the foam is very responsive to movements. They have been made to reduce friction, irritation and offer fast, enjoyable, less-exhausted running experience.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 & 7.5 available

Shoe Price: $140

Customer Review: Reebok Floatride Run Fast shoes have been rated as perfect for running and speedwork, by most of the customers, due to shoes’ cushioning support and high responsiveness to all movements. The only drawback reported is narrow foot shape.

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2. Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 training shoes are known for their comfy cushioning, and smooth, quick ride. The new foam is lighter with more bounce and softness. These shoes are added with extra spring and their new structured mesh wraps on upper side offer a better security and fit.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 & 15 available

Shoe Price: $120

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Brooks Ghost 11 great for gliding along the rough surfaces and ground, with fast turnover. They have rated these shoes super light, free of distractions and comfy. No significant drawback has been reported so far.

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3. Salomon Ultra Pro

Salomon Ultra Pro is the best option for professionals as it has been built for long distances and ultramarathon while offering supreme comfort. Based on S/Lab Sense Ultra technology, these shoes are well suited for faster, rail-thin runners. These are light weighted, flexible and maintain long-haul performance.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 & 14 available

Shoe Price: $150

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Salomon Ultra Pro great running shoes with perfect fit and comfort, and fast and easy lace system.  The only drawback is the band going around the center of the foot as it puts enough pressure on that area, as stated by few customers.

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4. Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo

The Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo is built for handling high mileage and speedwork. It offers legendary grip and lightweight sensation. Being exceptionally springy, it delivers a fast, bouncy sensation underfoot and is ideal for fast tracking running.

Shoe Fit: Size 5 & 12 available

Shoe Price: $180

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo a lightweight, comfortable and sturdy companion for high miles coverage. The only drawbacks reported are the conventional design that needs an update and little bit higher price than other similar options.

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5. Asics Gel-Kayano 25

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 is a redesigned jacquard mesh that provides better fit and sleeker appeal. It has been updated for offering more value to overpronating runners, through more motion control, heel counter and midsole support.

Shoe Fit: Size 7 to 15 available

Shoe Price: $150

Customer Review: Most of the customers have found Asics’ Kayano 25 offering great stability being built for running miles upon miles, and providing better cushion, control and responsiveness. The only drawback reported is that its sole can feel bulky sometimes.

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