Ever wonder if soy is healthy? Read on to find out more plus a peek into the foods and products it’s in. WHAT IS SOY? Soybeans are a type of legume native to East Asia. They are an excellent source of high

Static stretching is a highly debated and controversial topic within the fitness and sports performance communities, and is focused around the concept that sustained static stretching could impair subsequent performance (Rossi et al. 2010; Shrier 2004; Behm and Chaouachi 2011;

Ready for summer? Warmer weather, shorts, tank tops and bathing suits have arrived. Are you ready for it? What if you spent the next 30 days dropping excess pounds and getting into better shape before hitting the beach or going on vacation? You could further enjoy the summer months more fit and more likely to eat healthier, indulge less and stick with your workout schedule.