Ben Emanuel II

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here's why.

Every morning we wake, there are a number of activities we need done. Breakfast always seems to be among the very last of these activities. At times we get so distracted that we even forget to even eat breakfast.

You do know that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day? Well, this is the meal that you need to refuel and jumpstart your body. It is so beneficial to your overall well-being that it shouldn’t be skipped any single day.

By the end of this article you will notice the importance of breakfast and learn why it needs to be a part of your family’s eating habits every morning.


Starting your day with a nutritious and healthy meal is so beneficial. And this is only possible if you eat breakfast regularly. Some of the many benefits of eating breakfast include:

  • Weight control

When you eat breakfast, most of your calories get consumed during the morning hours due to the improved metabolism. This improves your chances of shedding those extra pounds. Additionally, eating a healthy breakfast reduces hunger during the day which then allows you to make proper food choices throughout the day.

When hunger sets in, you eat more and consume anything that comes your way. This goes against the notion that skipping breakfast could help in saving calories.

  • Control and prevention of diabetes

When you eat breakfast regularly, you control sugar levels in your blood. Keeping the blood sugar levels in the required limit minimizes your chances of becoming diabetic. Insulin levels are also reduced if your morning meal is the largest meal for the day.

If you are already diabetic and under medication, make sure you consult with your doctor so that your meals don’t cause blood sugar to reach dangerously low levels.

  • If you eat breakfast, you are certainly going to consume more of vitamins and minerals. The benefits of vitamins and minerals in the body can never be underestimated.
  • You get to eat less cholesterol and fat.
  • And most importantly, your performance at work gets improved. You can’t give your best at work when you are on an empty stomach. Where will you get the energy to deliver?

If you make breakfast a daily thing for your children, they will always be alert with very high concentration levels. And by meeting their nutrient requirements on a daily basis, they become healthier. It means that under very rare occurrences will they miss school due to illnesses.


A complete breakfast is one that has 7 servings of proteins, 2 servings each of fat and carbohydrates and a single serving of sweets. 

Carbohydrates and sweets aren’t recommended for dinner or lunch. A lot of vegetables, fruits and proteins should be eaten during the morning. Other considerations for a healthy and complete breakfast are low-fat dairies and whole grains.

There are instances that you feel like there is no time left for eating breakfast but here is the thing. There are numerous grab-and-go ideas that can work out for you perfectly well if you are the busy type. They are:

  • Scrambled egg, lean ham, piece of tomato and whole-wheat muffin with low-fat cheese
  • Orange juice, oatmeal, nuts and raisins
  • Salmon, whole-grain bagel and some cream cheese

Make Time

You can decide to prepare the breakfast earlier, let’s say on the preceding night. All you will have to do in the morning is simply reheat it.

On the other hand, you can figure out what you’ll be eating, and get the dry ingredients plus other equipment ready for use in the morning. You will have saved a significant chunk of time in the process.


Skipping breakfast can cause an increase in your body weight. And as you are aware, weight gain is always a stepping stone to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. All these conditions can cause heart complications.

Research also shows that skipping breakfast on a daily basis increases the risk of stroke. This is mainly as a result of the high blood pressure during the morning hours. This could be the reason why some studies have shown that brain hemorrhages are frequent in the morning.

You might think that missing breakfast can save you on calories, but that is not anywhere close to the truth. It actually makes you overeat later in the day or even choose fast junk foods. It is neither healthy to overeat nor rely on fast foods that are rich in fats and sugar.

By not eating breakfast, your ability to burn calories which is always at its peak in the morning will be reduced. Whenever calories aren’t burnt optimally, there is a high likelihood that it results in weight gain. Additionally, your cravings for fatty and sugary foods, which are known to increase body weight, will increase to uncontrollable levels.

Not taking breakfast also causes increased fatigue and poor memory skills. But there are also breakfast dishes that can otherwise reduce your energy levels therefore negatively impacting your memory. Always avoid such foods.

It is no doubt that breakfast is a very important meal. It doesn’t however have to be a complicated meal. Eating healthy shouldn’t be time consuming. All you need to do is to make eating in the morning a habit. Breakfast is so important to every member of your family; regardless of age, therefore make breakfast a family event.

In case you are under medication for different health conditions, it is advisable that you consult a nutritionist or a doctor before deciding on the different foods to include in your breakfast.