Tips on How to Stay Motivated While Exercising At Home

Having trouble motivating yourself to exercise at home? Here are some tips that will help you keep going during this pandemic.

Since the Covid19 pandemic hit different countries, cities all over the world have been ordered to go on quarantine and people had no other choice but to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. And when Covid19 reached North American soil, roughly 9 out of 10 Americans are now staying at home to help flatten the curve and lessen the risk of contracting the virus.

Unfortunately, it disrupted the way we live our lives. A good number of businesses are closed temporarily including gyms and other fitness facilities. And given the amount of information about the virus, many are hesitant to even workout in a gym even if it’s open. In one survey conducted in April 2020 in the US, 68% mentioned that they are less likely going to visit the gym given the information that they know about Covid19.

And due to the unavailability of gyms, many are transforming their living rooms into their workout space. However, many are losing the drive to be consistent with their workouts. How do you stay motivated when you have an inviting environment at home? How do you push yourself when you have no gym trainer or equipment around?

Start Small

One of the things that demotivate people to workout is when they have a difficult time reaching an impossible goal. Instead of just giving up, why not take small steps instead?

No one in the right mind will start to run a full marathon on their first attempt. Or perhaps, hit a 200lb bench when you never benched before. The point is to start small and do it consistently.

Instead of going for big goals, you can shift your mentality towards beating micro-goals. For example, instead of thinking about losing 10 pounds in a month, why not celebrate a small weight loss instead? Regardless if it’s two pounds or even a pound, progress is still progress.

This can also be applied to your diet too. Since every workout requires good food to properly recover, you can also apply small changes in the way you eat to not overwhelm yourself.

Create a workout playlist

Time-based training tends to be difficult especially when you are already at the last leg of your workout. Some would even quit halfway because the time feels longer than it is.

How do you motivate yourself to finish strong? One alternative is to have a playlist that will finish at the same time as your workout. You can curate songs that boost your adrenaline to make sure that every minute becomes enjoyable.

Build a habit

Now that you started your workout, you must build a habit out of it. By turning your workouts as part of your daily routine, it makes it more sustainable and easier to do. According to a study, behavior becomes a habit after a little over two months. To be exact, it takes around 66 days to have an automatic response to cues.

A perfect example of a habit is wearing your seatbelt the moment you enter your car. Psychologists point out that the repetition of an action in response to a consistent cue can lead to learning.

The same happens when you turn your workout into a habit. If you are struggling to do it consistently at first, this is expected since you haven’t integrated it into your routine yet.

Set your workout at a specific time and days of the week. Also, try to set cues before your workout to make it easier for you to zone in mentally into your workout. Do it consistently and you will be surprised how you are going to stick to your schedule instinctively.

Mix things up

Home workouts can get boring fast. On top of that, you develop muscle memory lessening the amount of calories that you burn. What you can do is mix things up regularly. You can be creative with your home workouts by making it more challenging and mentally stimulating.

For example, instead of just doing regular squats, you can do different single-leg squat variations such as split squats, pistol squats, and step up lunges after a week.

There are also some things that you can buy to make your home workouts fun and exciting. A kettlebell is one of those. There are different varieties of swings to burn calories and do a full-body workout.

Count your reps backward when it starts to become difficult

If you are lacking the motivation to finish your set because you don’t feel like it or you feel tired, you can give it an extra push just by counting your reps backward. This simple trick can make you excited to finish the set.

Find a virtual fitness buddy/coach

It is now possible to connect with people remotely thanks to the internet and the availability of tools such as Zoom and Skype.

You can also take advantage of these tools to find a workout buddy. Having a workout buddy can help you stay motivated especially when your group classes are canceled.

You can also contact your fitness coach to get some pointers from him or her. Not only are you supporting your fitness coaches during these financially difficult times, but you can also get your dose of motivation from them.

The pandemic has disrupted our lives in so many ways. Even some active individuals have lost their interest to do their workouts at home. But remember that we aren’t helpless in our situation. You can find ways to motivate yourself to do your workout. With these tips, you’ll be able to do your workouts more consistently. Let us know what you think of these tips!