Tips on How to Maximize Your 30 Minute Daily Workout

Ben Emanuel II

The American Heart Association suggests that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts every week to be able to reap substantial benefits. But what is the best way to approach a 30-minute workout?

The American Heart Association suggests that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts every week to be able to reap substantial benefits. That is equivalent to a 30-minute workout every day for 5 days. This guideline has become popular among individuals who wanted to stay healthy.

In a study made by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, they pointed out that a 30-minute everyday training is enough if a person wants to achieve weight loss. They also pointed out that it is equally effective as doing 60-minute workouts.

But what is the best way to approach a 30-minute workout? Whether you lack the time to work out because of work or maybe because you find an hour of doing exercises to already exceed your attention span, here are some ideas on how you can make the most out of your 30 minutes.

High Intensity with Minimal Rest

One of the things that you can do to make the most out of your workout is to increase the intensity that you pack in your workout. This is the same concept used in CrossFit exercises. EMOM which stands for Every Minute on the Minute is a program that is known for being time-efficient and effective in burning calories.

This kind of workout challenges the individual to do a certain exercise for a certain number of reps in less than 60 seconds. The remaining time within the 60 seconds will then serve as his or her rest period. You also don’t need to complicate an EMOM workout. You can stick to just two to three workouts done within a specified duration.

Here is an example of a 30-minute EMOM workout:

  • Min 1: Sprint 100 meters
  • Min 2: 25 Push-Ups
  • Min 3: 10 Shoulder Press (50% of your 1 rep max)
  • Repeat for 10 rounds

One of the reasons why EMOM is popular even among athletes is because it helps increase a person's work capacity. It helps train the body to recover faster given the short duration of rest in between each exercise.

However, some are against EMOM. They argue that it tends to encourage individuals to not do the proper form of the movement. Some believe that this could be the reason why you see a lot of CrossFit enthusiasts have bad a form whenever they are doing exercises. And also, bad form may prevent you from targeting the muscle group correctly, or worse, it could even lead to injuries.

One-Third Intense Cardio and Two-Thirds Resistance Training

Next, it is ideal to combine both cardio and resistance training whenever you only have a chance to exercise for a short period.

Given the fact that the body responds to intensity more than the duration of the workout, it is ideal to do an intense cardio workout.

The reason behind this is to elicit a good post-exercise response from the body. Intense exercises can get the body to burn calories even if you are no longer working out. That means your body can turn into your body fats even after you worked out.

What are the types of cardio that you can do to get your heart rate pumping? Instead of jogging, you can go for sprints. Now, if you don't have the luxury of running outdoors or running on a treadmill, you can go for burpees. Alternating high-intensity cardio with skip ropes or walking can be a good way to keep the body burning calories.

Why incorporate resistance training after your cardio workout? Muscle tends to burn more calories than fats. By doing resistance training, you build muscles that can help boost your metabolic rate.

You also want to target larger muscle groups more. Between your thighs and your biceps, the former can burn more calories simply because your quads are larger than your biceps.

Focus on movements that train your core at the same time

Some people find it impossible to train all muscle groups if you only have 30 minutes every day to workout. There could be days when you will miss out on some muscle groups. A time-efficient approach is to always involve the core.

Why involve the core in your workouts? The core is more than just your abs. These are muscles that surround the spine, keeping your balance and supporting the weight that you carry.

Some exercises can get the core to engage. Kettlebell swings not only help your hips, but it can also help improve your core. Also, instead of doing shoulder presses sitting down, it might be a good idea that you do it standing. This will get your core to engage since your body will have to balance the dumbbells over your head. As for squats, goblet squats and front squats can do wonders on your core. It only shows that you don't need to do situps to be able to improve your core. Plus, you are hitting two birds in one stone.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym for two hours straight. Also, some individuals find long hours of workouts to be too boring. 30 minutes of physical activity, if done correctly, can do wonders on your body. You can achieve your weight loss goal, build muscles, and even build your cardio. However, you will have to do this consistently.