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Fitness gifts that won't break the bank.

The holiday season is about to begin as the festivities of Christmas are just a few weeks away; why don’t you replace the usual chocolate boxes and traditional gifts with something unique and fitness oriented? Why not consider the gifts that improve recipient’s quality of life? Let’s discover some of the best fitness gifts under $100 to add more charm to the Christmas celebrations this year.


Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Looking for something special for your yogi friend? If yes, this sophisticated Backslash Fit self-rolling smart yoga mat makes the best choice. This smart, non-slip yoga mat has been paired with Alexa, Amazon’s exclusive technology, to let you talk during your yoga practice. Once finished, you don’t even need to flip it as it rolls itself up within seconds. Isn’t it something unique? Get this fitness gift only at $89.95.

The P90X

This revolutionary system consists of 12 sweat-inducing and muscle-pumping workouts that transform a body within only 90 days. It also includes a complete 3-phase nutrition program, personalized supplement plan, a comprehensive fitness guide, online support, calendar for tracking progress and much more. It is featured by a well-known trainer, Tony Horton. What else would you like to have in a perfect holiday fitness gift? Get the package only at discounted price of $70 at Amazon.


Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Our heart rate is one of the prime indicators of our workout effectiveness. By tracking our heart rate, we can notice that the harder we exercise, the faster our heartbeat gets. Both amateurs and professionals rely on heart rate information to set their fitness goals and achieve better outcomes faster and in a more efficient way. Get this exclusive fitness gift at $59.89.

Tanita’s Body Weight & Fat Scale

It is absolutely an amazing fitness gift and also my personal favorite. It is much needed in holidays as this is the season we usually put on weight. Tanita has designed and developed the exclusive body fat tracking scales for personal use that work exactly like the advanced technology used in professional body composition evaluators used by medical centers, athletic teams, doctors, personal trainers and fitness clubs. This great fitness gift costs only $39.98.

The Fitbit Clips

The Fitbit clips are ideal holiday gift for your fitness-oriented, runner friends and loved ones. The thumb-size, beautifully built Fitbit clips, which you can either tie as waistband or attach in the pocket, accurately track the distance you cover, calories burned and the amount and quality of sleep. Being within 15 feet of your computer, you can easily see your progress that is automatically uploaded to Get these special clips only at $99.00

gym-bag.jpg Work It Out Gym Bag

Thrill your fitness addict with this cute bag he or she would love to carry anywhere. The bag’s metallic fabric given with rainbow straps make a sophisticated statement all through the way from the entrance door to the locker room. It is too economical also; available at $35.00.

Pursoma After the Class Post-Workout Soak

Everybody seeks for relief and relaxation during holidays and that’s what exactly this amazing fitness product delivers. The muscles and joints are usually sore after an engaging holiday season or an extensive workout session. Using this luxe bath soak that contains all-natural elixir to provide relief from tension, both physically and mentally, the body’s stiffness is vanished instantly and mind feel absolutely fresh. The per unit price is only $39.00.

Dulcii 2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle

Here comes something for fitness enthusiasts who are also style-conscious. This Dulcii Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle is stylishly designed, having lasting appeal. This innovative water bottle inspires the fitness lovers to work on their biceps with every sip they take in. And you know what the best part is? The more one hydrates, the easier it is to curl the dumbbell. This charming and smartly developed fitness gift is available only $25.00