Easy Fix for Stress

Ben Emanuel II

How and what exercises and physical activities relieve stress.

Stress is a reality of life that we have to face daily. But when stress becomes too unbearable, that’s when it becomes a problem. Unchecked levels of stress could lead to sleepless nights and even a compromised immune system.

According to one study, 74% of people in the UK felt overwhelmed by stress to the point that they are unable to cope. In a separate study, a survey discovered that millennials are considered as the “most stressed” generation in the US. Using a scale of 1-10 to measure stress levels, millennials rated their stress level at 5.4 which is higher than the national average of 4.9.

There are many reasons why people are stressed. Stressors can range from your workplace to your family and even your finances. One of the best ways to manage stress is by performing physical activities. There is a neurochemical explanation why people tend to feel a positive improvement in their stress level after a good exercise.

Apart from keeping you healthy by burning calories, exercise can stimulate endorphins which is a hormone that is responsible for the feeling called the “runner’s high” . It’s a post workout feeling associated with relaxation and optimism.

What are good examples of exercises and physical activities that can help relieve stress? Here are some workouts that you might want to check.


Yoga is a mind and body exercise. It allows you to focus on different poses. Some are easy while others can be challenging. And also, you get to practice your deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques. It helps you clear your mind and even stretch different muscle groups allowing you to relax. Yoga is a perfect workout especially after working for 8 straight hours slouched on your desk.

And the good thing about yoga is that you can do it alone or in a group. If you feel that you want some quiet time, you can catch yoga sessions on YouTube. All you need is a yoga mat and a small space in your room.


Running is a great way to not only burn calories but also relieve stress. You don’t even have to sprint or run a majority of the time to get that runner’s high. You can just walk around and you will be surprised how relaxed you can be after.

Ever wondered why you tell someone to walk it off when they are furious and frustrated? That’s because walking not only boosts your endorphins, it also gives you time to think straight.

When’s the best time to run? Some people run at night after a long day at work while others do it in the morning. But if you are looking to make the most out of your run, it’s best to do it in the morning. Get some vitamin D from the sun as you enjoy nature at the same time.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling sport where you get to learn how to choke and perform joint locks against a resisting opponent. Not only do you become equipped with self-defense skills, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will also help improve your focus and take away some stress in your life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is dubbed as “human chess” because it is a sport that requires a lot of problem-solving scenarios. It means that you will be actively thinking throughout every training session.

Not only does it help you boost your endorphins, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can also help get you an adrenaline high. It’s an exciting sport that you get to enjoy with different individuals from different age groups and different body types.


Weightlifting is another stress-relieving activity that you can do. Weight lifting not only allows you to alleviate your stress, it also helps you live a healthier life. Weight lifting is a good way to improve bone density, promote muscle mass, and have a better body composition. It means that it is also good not only for men but even for women. Women can decrease the chances of getting osteoporosis by doing weights.

However, doing it can be a bit challenging especially if you are a beginner. It requires you to have proper form to avoid injuries and get the best outcome from your workouts.

Dance Classes

If you are into doing exercises with a group, dance classes make a perfect workout for you. Good music and high-energy activities, these are things that can help boost your endorphin levels up. Plus, you also get a sense of community with other people who regularly join the dance classes.

It has been proven by science that physical activities can help improve your mood and relieve tension. Even a short 10-15 minute workout can already produce anti-anxiety results. And with several workout options out there, you can find the right activity that fits your time, budget, and even your personality.