6 Ways to Keep the Workouts Challenging

Ben Emanuel II

Once you feel that things are getting easier, it is best to find new ways to make your workouts challenging again. This can help you find enjoyment in your workouts or even get over a plateau.

You hear people say that they are already bored with their workouts. What this could mean is that their body has adapted to the workout. This can be good news since their fitness level is already looking better than before.

Maybe, it is time to set new goals? Once you feel that things are getting easier, it is best to find new ways to make your workouts challenging again. This can help you find enjoyment in your workouts or even get over a plateau.

Increase the weights or add more reps

If you start noticing that you are no longer getting sore after your workout, perhaps, it is time to go after heavier weights. If you don’t want to switch weights yet, perhaps, it is a good idea to increase the reps. Or maybe, get another extra full set.

But the goal is to do it in such a way that you are not going to get injured. You want to make sure that you gradually increase the weights, reps, sets, or everything altogether. Increasing the weights for upper body exercises by 5% is a general rule followed by many bodybuilders. With lower body exercises, you can add 10% given the fact that you are dealing with larger muscles in your lower body.

Get the core involved

Another great way to make the workouts exciting and challenging is to get the entire core involved. If you are typically doing your bench press on a flat bench, then might as well do it in a balance ball. The Swiss balance ball has been proven effective when it comes to improving balance, core strength, and flexibility.

You’ll be surprised by how difficult a simple dumbbell press can become if done in a Swiss balance ball. As a rule of thumb, start with lighter weights and work your way up.

Do single-leg workouts

If you think that a lot of people miss out on their leg day, wait until you know the number of people who are doing single-leg exercises. It is rare to see people do unilateral leg exercises. What they don’t know is that they are missing a lot.

People tend to have a strong side. The strong side usually compensates for the weak side to further perpetuate the imbalance. With unilateral leg exercises, this can help lessen or completely prevent muscle imbalance. For athletes, unilateral leg exercises can also help develop strength. It has even been discovered to build strength better than bilateral leg exercises.

Try other exercises for the month

If you feel that the exercises are already turning into a boring routine, it is a good idea to switch things up completely. That is why some people go after a completely new workout every three weeks. This will keep you mentally stimulated to do the new workouts.

In some instances, you can also try other types of exercises. For instance, instead of just jogging for your cardio, then why not try boxing? Or perhaps, why not do Zumba? With your body trying to learn something new, you will be surprised how challenging the workout is. You will also be surprised how you are activating muscles that you usually don’t activate with your usual routine.

If you are used to lifting weights, why not go after a kettlebell for the next two weeks. You will notice that the weights don’t load the same way as your dumbbells. Another good alternative is to switch things up with a resistance band. You can even tie it to dumbbells and kettlebells to increase the level of difficulty without adding actual weight to what you are trying to lift.

Decrease the rest rounds

If you don’t want to change your routine, reps, and sets, then might as well target the rest rounds. How many minutes do you usually spend sitting before you start doing the next set? This is highly suggested especially if you are jogging or doing sprints.

If you are switching between sprints and walking, you can lessen the part where you walk. This way, you push your body and even improving your recovery in the long run.

Do the exercises with other people

Doing exercises with other people can also help push you harder during a workout. Some people tend to lose their motivation to push if they are doing things on their own.

If you are only starting with your fitness goals, doing group exercises can also help inspire you to improve. This is the same mentality used in CrossFit boxes. And because it gives you a sense of community, it allows you to enjoy their company as well. It means that there is a likelihood that you are also going to stick to your road to fitness.

One study found that 95% of those who started a weight loss program with their friends finished the program. On the other hand, only 76% completed the program for those who did it on their own.

Final Thoughts

It is a common problem among individuals to have a challenging workout. A drawback of being consistent with your workout is that your body adapts to the training stimulus making it seem easier. By being smart in your approach to training, it becomes possible to yield better results and even hit bigger goals. Which one of these strategies do you implement to keep your workouts exciting? Let us know in the comment below!