Ben Emanuel II

The following tips will help you attain proper form and get the most out of your pull-ups.

If you are a fitness freak, you must have an idea that pull-ups are one of the key muscle building exercises. It is often called the upper body squat. The pull up determines one’s strength to weight ratio better than any other exercise. Here are 5 successful tips to increase your pull-up strength and keep your form and technique well in place to allow for strength gains. Follow the tips, attain proper form and increase your reps to an astonishing level.

  1. The proper set up

A successful pull-up  starts with the proper set up on the  bar. Grip the pull-up bar with your hands shoulder width apart, arms straight, and shoulders retracted. Begin pulling yourself up by pulling the elbows towards the floor until your chin crosses the bar. Lower your body down under control until your arms become straight again and then repeat.
Use a Full grip for the highest level of strength on your pull-ups. For this, put thumbs around the pull-up bar. Squeeze it hard so that it doesn’t move and make you slip. The harder you hold the bar, the more your shoulders and arms muscles will contract, giving you more strength and easing the pull-ups for you. Take a big breath and hold it while pulling yourself up. Get the chin over the bar and then lower yourself until  your arms are straight again. Exhale and let everything stretch. Repeat this for more reps.

  1. Proper body position                                                          

Don’t flare elbows out. Raise chest and try to touch the pull-up bar with chest. Keep shoulders back and don’t roll them forward, nor squeeze shoulder-blades. Keep head neutral, and look forward not at the bar. Straight line your shoulders to knees. Bend knees to keep feet off the floor. Point your toes and squeeze glutes. Hang with the straight arms and locked elbows. Take a deep breath at the bottom and hold it at top. Then exhale at bottom.

  1. Scapula Pulls

The Scapula pull is also called Reverse Shrug and Straight Arm Pull-Up. It is done as follows: Take a full grip on a pull-up bar. While hanging, pull yourself up a few inches without the help of your arms. For this, depress your shoulder girdle in an opposite shrugging motion. Stop once the movement is completed. Now slowly come back to the initial position before doing more repetitions. The Scapula exercise keeps your shoulders healthy, develops ideal movement patterns in pull-ups, and helps you climb harder and longer while maintaining a good form. It’s a great start beginners and a useful warm up for the advanced.

  1. Inverted Rows

The inverted row exercise works all of your pull muscles including your biceps, back, traps and all other stabilizer muscles in between. This exercise is a great technique till you are ready to do a full pull-up easily. It is done as follows: Lie on a floor under the bar. Grab bar with a full grip. Contract abs, keeping the body fully straight line. Pull yourself up to the bar till the chest touches it, lower yourself back down and repeat.

  1. Proper sets and reps

Increase your pull-up strength by performing the right moves, sets, and reps. Start doing eccentric muscle contractions like negatives and isometric holds. To do a negative get the chin over the bar by standing on something or by jumping. Start releasing your body down into a dead hang very slowly and under complete control. Repeat.


Strengthen Your Assisting Muscles: The assisting muscles help stabilize the body as well as its extremities. Though stabilizer muscles don’t directly move the load, they do keep specific body parts steady and stable so the primary movers are able to function effectively. These muscles distribute the work of an exercise throughout the body rather than stressing just few of the primary movers. It not only makes you more powerful, but lessens the load on primary muscles as overloading may cause injury or strain. The assisting muscles make both inside and outside movement safer and more effective, helping you to do the perfect pull-ups with proper strength and increasing number of reps.
Start following these tips to strengthen your muscles and steadily increase your reps. Don’t forget to avoid the mistakes and follow the proper position for each and every body part during this muscle-building exercise for quicker outcomes.