5 Simple Tips To Get Your Nutrition Right

Ben Emanuel II

It's a national nutrition month, so let's talk about how to do it right! In this article, we will give you some simple to follow tips.

It's a national nutrition month, so let's talk about how to do it right! In this article, we will give you some simple to follow tips. Today, people tend to overcomplicate, but in essence, getting healthy and fit is very simple, you just have to keep doing the right things, and the results will come. Here are a few things you've probably heard before, but you keep forgetting.

Simple Tip #1: Nutrition Is Not Only About Weight

While it's true that you can lose weight eating anything, don't eat garbage. Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health. Yes, being overweight hinders health, but that doesn't mean all skinny people are healthy.

Try to eat a balanced diet, with as little junk as possible. Eat vegetables, and fruits, just don't overdo it. But a balanced diet is also rich in proteins and healthy fats, either from meat, eggs, or their vegan substitutes.

Variety is the key, and it's a long-term game. So, don't starve yourself just to achieve that beach body look. You want to be healthy all year long, wearing a bikini or a thick jacket, it doesn't matter.

Simple TIp #2: It's About Calories In Vs. Calories Out

If your goal is to lose weight, which probably is, considering the obesity epidemics, think about your calories. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. If you eat more than you spend, you will gain weight — that simple.

Although it is a good idea to include exercise for other reasons, the easiest way to lose weight is to eat less, not to spend more.

One Snickers bar has more calories than you can burn by running on a treadmill for 20 minutes. It's best not to eat it in the first place.

If you eat it and then run 20 minutes, you've just burned the chocolate bar, and you are not in the needed deficit yet.

Simple Tip #3: Nutrition Is Not Only About Food

What you drink matters too! One can of soda has 30+ grams of sugar. Not only that it's a caloric bomb, but it is incredibly unhealthy, with almost no good ingredients.

The issue is that liquids don't make you full, but they do make you fat. However, because soda and similar drinks spike up your blood sugar, which then drops below normal, they make you crave more. That craving is usually satisfied with more sugar, and one lousy habit starts leading into another.

The best approach is to ditch the soda altogether. Because it is easily accessible, and you can drink it any time of the day, it will be extremely hard to restrain yourself, if you try to consume it in moderation. Soft drinks do no favor to your health whatsoever, and the best idea is to avoid them entirely.

Simple Tip #4: Nutrition Alone Is Not Enough

While you can lose weight just by cutting calories, that doesn't make it ideal. You need exercise.

While Tip #1 explains that restricting calories is the most effective way to lose weight, this long-term game is about health, not only about weight and looks.

Exercise plays a crucial part in improving and maintaining good health. First, cardio training is excellent for the cardiovascular and respiratory system, keeping the most vital organs healthy.

But, strength training is a great companion of dieting, as it preserves muscles. When you are on a diet, your body starts decaying muscles, as it thinks that you are starving. By training those muscles you will stop the process, and the only thing you will lose is going to be fat.

Simple Tip #5: Think Longterm

Crash diets will get you nowhere. Sooner rather than later, they end, and you end up even worse. Crash diets usually burn your muscles, which won't come back if you don't exercise. When you start eating normally, you will start gaining weight, but mostly fat, ending up looking even worse than before starting the diet.

You need small changes. Yes, they won't show drastic results at first, but you will stick to them forever.

Switch soda with coffee, water or tea. Don't eat after 8 PM. Eat home cooked breakfast. Those little replacements and new habits will show results and are quite easy to follow. Combine them with healthy exercise habits, and you and your close ones will start noticing you looking and feeling much better.

As you can see, nutrition is not about making radical changes. Start slow, and keep going forever, that's the best approach for anything, fitness and nutrition included.

If you want to learn more, we suggest you to download Dietary Guidelines For Americans. That short ebook will tell you all you need to know about nutrition, and it's completely free. A must-read if you ask us, and you will find yourself getting back to it quite often, as it is full of useful advice.