Power Walking-Getting Started

In the world of fitness walking there are many different approaches. One of the more popular techniques or walking programs is called power walking. If you walking goals include losing weight and improving your cardiovascular health then power walking may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is Power Walking?

Power walking, also known as speed walking, is a walking technique that helps you reach walking speed of five miles per hour or more. It is not race walking. The technique for power walking is actually pretty easy. In fact, many experts recommend pretending you’re late. You walk pretty fast when you’re late, right?

Power Walking Technique

In addition to walking like you’re late for a meeting there are some other helpful power walking tips.

#1 Head up, eyes forward. When walking and power walking it is important to keep your chin up. You should be able to see about twenty feet in front of you. Your shoulders should be square and your chin parallel to the ground. Imagine a string running through your body and out the top of your head. Walk as if the string is being held above you and is keeping your spine, neck and head in alignment.

#2 Heel ball toe. When you walk your heel will strike the ground first. Your foot will then roll forward. Thus you’ll push off from your toe. Now this isn’t a forceful or aggressive movement. There’s no impact. Just a relaxed roll and push.

#3 Swinging your arms. The faster you swing your arms the faster your feet will move. This is because your arms work as a counter balance. Each time you swing your arm your opposite foot will move forward. In fact, you can count your arm swings as a way to keep your pace fast and consistent.

Power Walking Equipment

So what do you need to get started power walking? Actually, you don’t need too much gear at all. The most important piece of equipment is a good pair of shoes. Power walking doesn’t have the impact that jogging or running does so you don’t need to worry about joint damage. However, good shoes are still important. Look for shoes designed to fit your foot type. They should be able to control any over or under pronating. Make sure there is no rubbing or slipping.

Other gear to consider includes a stop watch, MP3 player, pedometer and loose fitting clothing. Start a power walking program like you would start any new fitness program – slowly. You might begin by walking intervals. Walk at a moderate pace for five to ten minutes and then walk at a power walking pace for one minute. Alternate until you’ve reached your mileage or time goal. As your fitness increases you can add more power walking time to your program.

Power walking is great for people who don’t like jogging or running. Of if you simply want a low impact way to lose weight and get in shape. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. And it’s fun!

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