Simple Yet Effective Strategies to Beat Fatigue

Whether you’re trying to go to the gym regularly or you want to be more productive at work, it’s always a good idea if you can have enough energy to do what you need to do. Unfortunately, fatigue is a common problem that individuals have to deal with. 

The good news is that there are many ways how you can boost your energy levels for your work or even for your physical activities. 

Know underlying conditions

There are instances when people experience fatigue because they are dealing with an underlying condition. A heart condition, thyroid problems, and anemia are just some of the things that could get your energy level down. Aside from conditions, there are also instances when fatigue is a side effect of your medication. 

Be more active

It might not make sense at first glance to do an exercise when you’re tired, but studies are pointing that physical activities can help boost energy levels. 

According to University of Georgia researchers, sedentary individuals who worked out for as little as 20 minutes experienced improved energy levels. They feel less fatigued. And on top of that, they don’t even have to do intense activities. 

What’s a good explanation for this phenomenon? Experts believe that exercise can help enhance blood flow. This allows the muscles to get more oxygen and nutrients improving the ability of the muscle tissues to produce the chemical adenosine triphosphate or ATP. 

If you feel you don’t have enough energy for the past few days, it might be a good idea to just take a 20-minute walk. Get some fresh air outside and you’ll feel a lot better after. 

Lose weight

Experts believe that losing excess weight is a great way to feel more energized. To get rid of excess weight, it’s a good thing to mix both physical activities and diet. You’ll need to be on a caloric deficit to lose weight. 

Fix your diet

A lot of people feel fatigued because they are not eating the right food. Not having enough energy for the day is sometimes the body’s way to tell you that you are not getting enough nutrients from the food that you eat. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you will need to eat a lot to get the right amount of energy for the day. You’d want to focus on nutrient-dense foods. 

Aside from getting protein-rich meals,  you also want to make sure that you are getting enough fruits and vegetables for your micronutrient requirements. Getting enough vitamins and minerals can help give you a boost of extra energy for your day. 

Also, be sure that you are going to choose your carbohydrates wisely. Between brown rice and white rice, the former prevents you from crashing after a few hours. The body tends to digest brown rice longer than white rice, preventing swings in your blood sugar levels. 

Stretch often

Another way to feel less fatigued is to stretch often. Stretching is a great way to not only feel less sore but can also help make you feel re-energized. In 2017, University of Waterloo researchers discovered that practicing Hatha Yoga helped improve energy levels and even a person’s cognitive ability. 

Stretches can help improve the body’s blood circulation allowing better oxygenation and helping the muscles in recovery. This is also the reason why a lot of people love to do stretching first thing in the morning. For others, they stretch after doing rigorous workouts. 

Hydrate often

Water is a physiologic requirement. Water helps the body digest the food we eat, not to mention, perform other body functions. Also, water can help make the person stay alert. Experts suggest that dehydrated athletes experience fatigue and have a harder time finishing resistance training. 

Experts believe that drinking lots of water throughout the day can help make you feel energized. So how do you know you had enough water for the day? Always notice the color of your urine. If your urine is somewhat darker, then you need to drink water. 

Improve your sleeping habits

Nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up with social media and other things that you’d see on your phone even when you’re in bed. Lack of sleep can increase the risk of feeling fatigued during the daytime. And with lack of sleep and fatigue, these things can affect a person’s performance and decision-making ability. 

How do you get more sleep at night? One, make sure that you will have the discipline to go to bed and remove all distractions that could keep you awake. Next, it is also important to set the environment to become suited for sleeping. Adjust the temperature of the room wherein it’s not too cold or too hot. 

If you feel like you didn’t get enough sleep for the day, then might as well take naps in the afternoon. A short 10-minute nap can usually get the job done. On top of that, you can even drink a cup of coffee following a nap and get an even bigger boost in your energy. 

Final Thoughts

If you ever feel not having enough energy for the day, these tips can make a huge difference not only in your workouts but even in the way you work every day. However, if you are dealing with a medical condition, be sure to talk to your doctor for proper evaluation and care. 

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