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Ben Emanuel II

Meet Ben Emanuel II and learn about his path from the NFL to personal trainer.

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Why I train relentless

I train because I’m an athlete. I ran as soon as I could walk, and I threw a ball as soon as I could lift a finger. Being physically active is in my blood, and I’m not satisfied unless I’m pushing myself.

That’s how I got into personal training with Boss, Ron Everline. We both came from an athletic background and shared the same philosophies about training, diet and the drive to succeed.

As an athlete and personal trainer, I rely on my experiences when I create a program for my clients. These are some of the key components to athletic training that will help you achieve your own goals:


One of the biggest lessons I learned as an athlete is that every person works at a different pace. Rather than trying to get someone to conform to one version of
“the best way to train”, I ask them to follow a single principle: do as much as you can. If your 100% is someone else’s 80%, that’s ok. Do more if you can do more and only stop when you’ve given it your all.


When you reach a certain level in sports you’re no longer competing against anyone else but yourself. Your excuses don’t matter to other people – they only hurt you. If you’re committed to improving, you get better. It’s really that simple of a concept in sports, and it’s one I believe is true for anyone who wants to transform their body and their life.


Fitness isn’t about how many pounds you lost or how you look compared to someone else. Compare yourself to you. Athletes, at least those who’ve made it to a high level, don’t get caught up in the achievements of other players. They worry about how to improve their own game. What matters is that you stay focused with the same energy and drive you had when you first set out to achieve a goal.


Boss and I have the same philosophy when it comes to training and getting what you want out of life. It is to do what’s necessary, consistently. We talk a lot about greatness and how you can achieve it. I think greatness is in the subtle and small acts that you do every day to get better. It’s not a big, grand thing that most people make it out to be.

Whether you’re scoring a touchdown or doing a 500lb deadlift, you didn’t just wake up and do it by chance. You did something consistently, every day before to make that success happen. That is greatness.


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